About US

Lebonbattle is a website managed by 3 passionate Street dancers.

The website’s goal is to register all Battles, dancing classes, shows, festivals and dancing troops existing in the whole world. We want everyone to have access to these contents, whether you are a dancer or not.

We also want crews, organizations and dancing schools to be able to check the website for registered battles and shows, in order for them create partnerships and even friendships, who knows ?

Thanks to the sorting out per country and per style, checking for the places and schedules of dance classes is now easy and quick.

To all organizations and dance schools, finally a place where to post your classes, internships, demonstrations and to promote those independently on a platform which everyone can get access to.

Dance troops can also get registered to be booked for shows or events.

Don’t hesitate no more and post your Battles, shows and festivals. Posting is entirely free of charge and is an easy way to promote your events on a platform where everyone can see it.

What’s more, for everyone interested in dancing, but not knowing where to get information from, there finally is a place where to find everything to fulfill your needs.



You’ll find in only a few steps, all Battles, shows and festivals taking place in the whole world, sorted out by country or type of event.

Also, if you are looking for dance classes, you have an exclusive and easy to find information about registered schools nearby.


Go to www.lebonbattle.com, the new Dance agenda, where to find everything you need and even more.