Some information about our tariffs

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Create an account is FREE for all.

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Posting your own ad in the tabs Battles, Performance/Festivals and Partys is ENTIRELY FREE OF CHARGE, regardless to which account you subscribed.

For everyone teaching classes!

Let people know about you by posting your flyers with 2 exclusive tariffs:

1€ for your ad being posted for 3 months


5€ for being posted 1 year

We also thought about the dance troops!

You’ll be registered on the website for only 19,90€/year

Option :

Do you want your ad to appear on the front page in the “first to be seen” ads and on ALL the website?

Here the 3 tariffs we can offer :

First one, at 5€ for 7 days of front page appearing

Second one at 9,90€ for 15 days

And last for 14,90€ for 30 days

Do you even prefer your ad to be on top of all ones ?

No problem!

Please see the 3 tariffs we can offer :

1€ for putting your ad up immediately

4,50€ for 7 days

8,90€ for 15 days

If you are interested in our project and want to help us to make it grow, please contact us on


Being currently in the « creating » phase of our firm, we can’t, for now, issue invoices to you.

All PAYPAL payments are secured. There is no obligation of creating a Paypal account to use our services.